Communication Studies Learning Community

Freshmen accepted into the Pre-Communication major; No residential component

The Communication Studies Learning Community (COMM LC) is a nonresidential program designed to provide selected Pre-Communication majors a head start in college and in their career exploration. The program is philosophically centered on students becoming responsible communicators and civically-engaged citizens. In addition to learning more about the Communication Studies major, campus services, and student life, the COMM LC provides opportunities for students to engage in professional, social, and recreational experiences both across campus and in Charlotte. For instance, COMM LC students visit with alumni, tour media facilities in the city, visit PR firms, attend speaker series, and enjoy campus festivities, sporting events, and community gatherings together as a group.

Ultimately, the COMM LC nurtures a core of students who can become student leaders in the department and who enjoy a close-knit first year experience with fellow students, often making life-long friends in the process. The program begins with a freshman seminar course that orients students to Communication Studies. In the second semester students take a rhetorical studies course that is required for Communication Studies majors. This course allows students to gain an early foothold into the major, while also affording them the chance to learn foundational theory and to practically apply Communication Studies concepts in a safe and brave community space

Communication Studies Learning Community 
Dr. Jason Edward Black   

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