History First-Year Learning Community

Freshmen with an interest in history or careers in related professional fields.  No residential component.

The History FIrst-Year Learning Community (HLC) program is for all majors and undecided freshmen/first-time-in-college students with an interest in history or its pre-professional foci in business, law/justice, public history, education, military, diplomacy, and advocacy. This one-year program offers small-scale learning in a large university and is designed to accelerate and enhance academic performance with hands-on experiences in history. 

The program’s curriculum is centered around two dedicated major courses, with opportunities for field work, career orientation, excursions, and job shadowing. Students may opt to live anywhere on campus or to commute. The HLC is required for entering history freshmen/first-time-in-college students; other majors or undecided students are welcome as well. 

The HLC fulfills the University-mandated Prospect for Success requirement.
History Learning Community
Dr. Oscar Lansen


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