History Transfer Learning Community

Transfer students with a history major; No Residential Component

This community creates links between students and professors and among students themselves to ensure that transfer History majors have access to the university's multiple resources. We want to use the HTLC as a space to share experiences, information, and opportunities so that you can make the most of your university life.

As a member of the HTLC you will have the opportunity to 

  • Enroll in undergraduate research assistantships to work closely with a professor.

  • Have close follow-up in your educational/academic progress. 

  • Attend lectures and events given by university professors (such as the Personally Speaking Lectures).

  • Join in special events just for our learning community like the end of semester honors and party.

  • Participate in the spring's annual Graduate Conference in History (GHA).


​History Transfer Learning Community
Dr. Carol Higham
Dr. Carmen Soliz


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