Math and Science First Learning Community

Freshmen majoring in, or intending to major in, a Math or Science major within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences; No Residential Component

The Math and Science First LC is designed around the degree requirements for majors in the Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Statistics, and Earth Sciences (Geology, Meteorology, and Environmental Science) fields of study. First-generation students are strongly encouraged to apply. A first-generation student is someone who is among the first generation of their family to attend a college or university.

Participation in the LC can increase your success in college by helping you access resources and develop skills to help you succeed in your major. The LC will also provide a community of peers and mentors to support you during your first year at the University and beyond. The program is designed specifically to address challenges students in STEM fields often encounter. Features of the program include individualized advising, support for introductory science and math courses, career and goal coaching, community of peers with similar interests, and early contact with faculty in these disciplines.

Math & Science First Learning Community
Dr. Sarah M. Wells
UNC Charlotte Department of Chemistry

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