UNC Charlotte’s Learning Community Program has transformed the way students live, learn, and succeed in their academic endeavors for almost 20 years. We find that Learning Communities help students transition through academic and social challenges by providing small, supportive living and learning environments. You will interact closely with UNC Charlotte faculty, staff and peer mentors through areas of common interest, enroll in two or more of the same courses and in many cases live together in the same residence hall. You will make friends and develop close relationships.

While many Learning Communities are residentially based, some do not require living on campus or living in a specifically designated residence hall. All are one-year programs designed to assist students with their transition to campus life.  Fifteen (15) learning communities are for freshmen and three are specifically designed for transfers.

Whatever you are interested in--business, computing,  English, gender studies, health, history, international relations, leadership, or more--and even if you're not sure yet, you are likely to find a community of interest.

For questions about a particular Learning Community, contact the Coordinator.

For questions about Learning Communities in general, contact Carla Eastis, Director of Prospect & First Year Curriculum, at 704‑687‑8011 or email lcprogram@uncc.edu.