Why Join a Learning Community?

There are several benefits:

  • Your Academic Success! Research demonstrates that students participating in a learning community are more successful in college and have a more positive college experience.
  • You will take courses from some of the best faculty at UNC Charlotte - faculty who are committed to helping your early years at UNC Charlotte be successful ones.
  • You will make connections among your peers and the faculty. You will get to know people and make friends in your major or area of interest.
  • You will experience the benefits of what life is like at a small college while enjoying the excitement of attending a major university.
  • You will have access to on-site tutors and mentors who can assist you with a variety of academic questions and issues.
  • Some of your courses will be block scheduled in advance of course registration, along with other learning community members.
  • In most cases, your LC classes fulfill the Prospect for Success requirement for first-year students. 

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